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bárbara ribes

Barbara Ribes, a.k.a. uthlas, is a designer who wants to transmit the particular vision she has about everything she does, her experiences in multiple places where she has lived as Milan, Paris, Valencia, Barcelona and Boston, with all the cultural enrichment that these opportunities have been given, is the leitmotiv of her creation process.

Throughout her career she has collaborated in different studies like Naço Global Architecture in Paris, Javier Mariscal and BM Lighting Design in Barcelona and the ) laboratory  Senseable City Lab at Massachussets Intstitute of Technology  in Cambridge (USA)

Her  designs have been recognized several times as the Conceptroom Contest in Milan (2004) with Diana Santana; the 6th International Competition of Formica Creative (2007) with Alba Sans, the 20th Contest of Young Creators of Madrid in 2008 or the last Bartcelona Design Edition International Competition where she got the 2nd prize with Modik.

Throughout her career she participated in many exhibitions and contests such as Hall Nude on the International Furniture Fair of Valencia (02/03/04/05), Domus Mediterranean (FIM 2003-04), Showroom Modoloco Design Workshop+ SpanishDesign( Milan 03), ConceptRoom at the Milan Triennale (2004), where she was a finalist with Diana Santana; in the Biennale de Saint Etienne (2004), Design Lab in Paris (2005).

In June 2010 she collaborated with the company DCI Decor & Craft Inc. (USA) as a freelance designer. Currently carried out projects as a freelancer, graphic, editorial, web and product design, as well as innovation concepts... where what matters is the sensation transmitted with those projects.

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